Netflix To Own & Release Duncan Jones’s ‘Mute’ Before Theatrical One


Mere talks are out, and working is in. As the Empire Podcast came out with just-like-any-other video yesterday, it turned out to be more than that. The video happened to be the revelation of Duncan Jones’ upcoming project- Mute, of which, Alexander Skarsgard spilled the beans.

Jones who made his way to the audiences with directions like Warcraft, Moon and SourceCode, has already started shooting for the expected in Berlin. He is casting Blade Runner starred Alexander Skarsgard in the main lead, where Skarsgard will be seen playing a mute bartender, in the quest of finding his missing girlfriend. The sci-fi also shows Paul Rudd as the surgeon, whom the bartender runs into, in his search for his lady.


While the film is set to be in a world 40 years ahead, speculations have been that it will include a cameo by Moon-starred Sam Rockwell. To which, the director confirmed that the upcoming will also be shot in the same universe as the Moon, and that, Rockwell will be the umbilical cord between the two.

But this is not all, the hype is all about. Apart from the connection between the Moon and the Mute, what makes the latter stand apart is that Jones’ has preferred to go for a Netflix premiere first, with a limited theatrical run, just so that the film could be able to feature in the awards.

No wonder, both Duncan and Alexander are pumped up for Mute, with Skarsgard as saying, “I’ve just got back from Dublin where Duncan showed me all the renderings and the visuals of it.” He explains, “I’m very, very excited about it.”

While the full interview is available at Empire, the film is not with a release date yet but is assumed to be out sometime around, later in 2018. Stay Tuned to The News Recorder for more latest and trending updates about upcoming Hollywood Trends.

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