New 4K Video Of 3 iPhones: Yet Another Hoax Or Is It Official ?

There have been previous claims that Apple will be releasing three variants for the iPhone 7, namely the 4.7-inch model and two 5.5-inch models. It was said that one of the larger iPhone 7 models will have a single-lens camera, while the other model will feature a dual-lens camera. A recently leaked 4K video revived rumors surrounding iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro, by showing three models side by side.

New 4K Video Of 3 iPhones: Yet Another Hoax Or Is It Official ?

Bshop Kuwa, uploader of the video on YouTube is seemingly connected to an iPhone reservation store in Japan. The video features, a 4.7-inch gold iPhone, a rose gold 5.5-inch iPhone Plus and a silver 5.5-inch iPhone Pro, iPhone 7 Pro is the one shown to have a dual-lens camera. Users who are looking forward to such an expectation of, Apple releasing three models for the iPhone 7 may want to lower their expectations.

Apple may have been working on two prototypes for the larger iPhone 7, the rumor has since been shot down several times by the brand’s spokesperson as well as, by reliable tipster Evan Blass. Blass said last month that there will only be two iPhone 7 models that will be rolled out this year, with the code names of the smartphones being Sonora and Dos Palos. An earlier report have also been claiming that the 5.5-inch model going into production is what termed as the iPhone 7 Pro, with a dual-lens camera and RAM of 3 GB. What is to be noted in the video is that the iPhone models in the video bear model number A1429, which corresponds to the iPhone 5 in the numbering scheme of Apple. This clearly states that the devices are mock-ups.

However, despite that, the video is among the ones with the best quality for comparing the expected design of the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6s. The mock-ups show the design changes that are said to be coming to the iPhone 7, including re-positioned antenna bands, bigger cameras and the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. A recent video supposedly also shows the smartphones utilizing Lightning EarPods, with another video featuring the new blue color option for the new iPhone. Hence, Apple has stated these video to be only a hoax and nothing official has been revealed yet, still, lets hope we get to see the new iPhone soon. This is it for now, stay tuned for more reports on iPhone 7 and its companions.

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