New Jersey Hunter Accused Of Killing ‘Pedals: The Bipedal Bear’ Thrashed On Facebook | Is Pedals Actually Dead?


A strange news has come from the social media where a New Jersey hunter has become the prey itself but it’s actually only on the social media. he has been found accused of killing a very beloved and loving upright-walking black bear which is named as “pedals”.

He officially owns a bow & arrow bar in Somerset country and has been threatened on social media networking site Facebook and elsewhere of being ripped as  “murdering cowardly bastard’’ who “tormented an innocent animal.” The range has grown to an extreme level as one of the writer even says that “We will relentlessly bring him down,’’ while the other makes fun of him while marking the comment.

pedals-3The man was later found accused of previously posting a message on his social media page which is dedicated to the beloved bear ‘Pedal’. In the message, he said to have something or a surprise for the bear and the news was around 10 October when the State’s bear-Hunting season as started.

Then after some time a man hauled a 333-pound bear who was dead into the gaming station in Morris country to register his kill on Oct 10, the things get worse when he claims that the dead bear was ‘Pedals’ . Then there is a confirmed news from the officials that Pedals has been dead in the hunt, while also releasing the photos of the bear, for the proof the bear was searched and found with for the similar markings like Pedals.

pedals-imageA spokesman for the state’s Department of Environmental Protection Bob Considine, has given his statement on this matter, that “Bears with a variety of injuries are occasionally brought to weigh stations, and the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has no way of conclusively verifying the identity of any bear that has not been previously tagged or had a DNA sample previously taken,’’ However he also confirms that the injured paw and chest blaze seems to be consistent like the bear which is found walking on two feets.

pedals-2The bear ‘Pedal’ was a very famous personality because of his habit of walking on two hind legs and got a very impressive buzz over the social media since 2014. While the situations for the accused hunter is going worse and very much against him as a Justice for pedals the bear has confirmed that they have a petition in which they have more than 3,000 signatures on a petition which calls for the license of hunting of the hunter to be revoked.


While there is no confirmation about the bear’s killer till now and there are no confirm suspects and proofs against the Killer. While there are so many statements over this Animal safety concerned topic.

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