New Launched Samsung’s Blazing Fast UFS Storage/Memory Cards Capabilities

Samsung, One of the biggest brand name for the world of technology, they always comes up in the market with something new and latest. Here now as well they did the same and announced the super- fast removable data storage card ,that is going to replace the slower micro-SD one day in the various devices.

samsung ufs

They named it UFS card, it is just based on the Universal Flash Storage 1.0 Card  Extension standard, which will comes up with the capability of storing 32GB to 256GB. The brand new storage media could be used in cameras, drones, robots, virtual reality headsets and conclusively , as well as in mobile devices.
As there is a need of faster and high capacity removable storage in various electronic devices , specially in mobile phones,s0 here comes UFS media which is going to fulfil all the requirements and as well as it gonna fix all the related problems for storage. UFS cards going to put away micro-SD media in performance by moving data in and out of the card much faster and with a new latest technology of Samsung.
As per the tests we got to know that the user will be able to read or transfer the 5GB data or a full high- resolution movie within 10 seconds. A UHS-1 micro-SD card will take more than 50 seconds to do the same.
As we have a lot of gadgets in which we have some issues regarding the storage and here Samsung comes up to fix all the grudges and all the issues with its brand new UFS card, Cameras are coming up with the feature of 4K recording and UFS cards can be just going to fit here to extract all the recorded data without any bug.

Samsung had revealed that the UFS card with the capacity of 256GB has a normal speed of 530 Megabytes per second (MBps) which is so powerful and amazing in itself. Samsung just said that the new device will come soon, but they didn’t revealed the information about the launching for their UFS cards.  For more details about the upcoming gadgets stay tuned with us.

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