New Show Naamkaran Will Replace Diya Aur Baati Hum Serial From Monday

Sooraj asks for blessing. Bhabho geta disturbed and says how can i give you blessing. Sandhya says don’t like this and you always supported us. Babasaa cries. Bhabho goes. Sandhya says we cannot go like this. Bhabho goes and locks herself in room. Sandhya says we have only twenty minutes left. Emily cries badly. Sandhya sees them and smiles. Kanak cries. Everyone salutes Sandhya and Sooraj.


Bhabho prays in temple. Commissioner says we have to tell everyone about this. They both runs towards river. News comes. IPS Sandhya has fulfilled her promise and free us from terror. Sandhya and Sooraj runs. Babasaa saya destiny has played a game and let them go. Babasaa asks Bhabho to give them blessing otherwise they will not get free. They reaches ghat.

Babasaa says our children has no choice. Our Sooraj Sandhya are brave and you should also be brave and say good bye them. Sandhya gets tired. Sooraj takes her in his arms. Flowers fall on them. They thinks where to go. Sandhya gets injured. Sooraj goes to her. Sooraj applies soil on her injury. He lifts her up and walks. Sandhya looks at him. They both holds each other’s hand.

Sooraj says Sandhya you were daughter of this house. Sooraj says this was his responsibility to fulfill all her dreams. Sandhya says you always supported me and fulfilled my dreams. Sooraj says i will protect you always. Sandhya says yes he always gave protection and care to her. Sooraj hugs Sandhya and says i will love you always. Sandhya says i promise i will be with you till last breath of my life.

Sooraj also says i will be with you till.last breath of my life. They steps in a boat and goes in middle of river. Sandhya hugs him. They sees Bhabho shouting their name. They also sees Pari and Kanak. Ved cries there. Sandhya looks them. Bhabho looks at watch and blesses them. Emily also looking at them. Sooraj says he has wish that he wants to be with her in all births and he wants to support her every time. He says i can also give my life but never want to lose you. Countdown starts. Meenakshi says see Sooraj and Sandhya are meeting now. Everyone goes in shock.

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