New Windows 10 With New Features Updates

New Windows 10 With New Features Updates

I don’t know about you guys but personally, I think Windows 10 is pretty amazing. It’s way better than Windows 8.1, for the traditional PC users. I love the way they changed everything about Windows 10 from start screen, to tried and true desktop. New Anniversary Update of Windows 10 simply put a smile on my face with even more features and polish.

New Windows 10 With New Features Updates

Everything that you see on the desktop is just the tip of the iceberg, there is more to Windows 10 than meets the eye. These are the cool new features you’ll want to check out first. What Microsoft did right this time, was to correct its greatest sin by returning the Start menu to its original position in the lower left-hand corner of the desktop. But this time around it doesn’t only focus on the desktop apps alone, it also has Live Tiles of Windows 8 style apps next to shortcuts to more traditional PC software. You can choose whether you want this menu to expand on the full screen and resize the icons, Metro apps can also be unpinned in this version from the Start menu, and the Live Tile function can also be turned off if you like.

Next huge feature is that the new upgrade didn’t simply vanished Windows Store Apps from Windows 8, instead it just made them a little desktop friendly, as they now open in a desktop window, rather than dumping you into a full-screen app. I never used them in Windows 8, but I am definitely using some of the app in Windows 10, and loving them too. Cortana, Microsoft’s clever digital assistant on Windows Phone 8.1, makes the jump to PCs with Windows 10, where she assumes control of the operating system’s search functions. Cortana can help you find all sorts of online information via natural language queries you ask using text or voice commands. Cortana can also apply those natural language smarts to search your hard drive, OneDrive, and business network for files that meet certain filters, like “Find pictures from June.” The digital assistant can also play music, create reminders, set alarms, and even crack jokes.

In the recent update of Windows 10 internet explorer is also replaced by The Edge Browser, a brand-new browser built from the ground up for speed, slickness, and trawling the modern web. Although, Edge is a bit bare-bones compared to Chrome or Firefox, but it’s making great strides. It’s the only web browser that can stream Netflix at 1080p. Notifications is one of the coolest features of modern operating systems, with pop-ups reminding you of all sorts of useful information. Windows 8 had them, but those notifications disappeared forever as soon as they faded from your screen—an issue if you weren’t actively sitting in front of your PC when one popped up.

Windows 10 cures that ill with its Action Center. The Action Center also provides quick-action buttons for common functions, like activating Bluetooth or connecting to a VPN, as well as an option for shifting the interface to Tablet Mode. Windows 10 introduces overhauled Mail and Calendar apps that are vastly better than their Windows 8 counterparts. While the Windows 8 apps were pokey, the Windows 10 variants are speedy and responsive, and they manage to fit much more info on the screen while still being friendly to mice cursors and fat fingers alike. The new apps also dynamically shift their interfaces to fit nicely into windows of all shapes and sizes. The new Photos app is surprisingly robust, as well. Yes, Windows 10 is vastly improved on PCs, but Microsoft didn’t forget about touchscreen users. The operating system includes a handy “Continuum” feature that dynamically switches the interface between the PC-friendly desktop and a Windows 8-like mode that’s better suited for fingers, depending on how you’re using the device.

Windows tablets will default to the latter; PCs to the former. Hybrids will intelligently switch between the two modes depending on whether you have a keyboard attached. Another device-specific Windows 10 feature: Windows Hello, which uses bio-metric authentication to log you into your PC—if your PC packs hardware that’s compatible with the new feature. That is it for now, we’ll bring you more updates with newer versions of Windows, so stay tuned and give us your reviews on Windows 10.

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