U.S. News Releases Top Hospitals in 2015-16 in the U.S.

July 21, 2015: The National Hospital Rankings for the United States has released the list of best hospitals and surgical specialty centers to help patients make more informed and detailed decisions regarding health care.

With 40 million hospitalizations happening every year, there are many lives at stake. The new rankings offer incredible details on where the patients should be heading for their medical care needs.

Deciding on the best hospitals isn’t easy, given that some of these healthcare centers fail in offering easy medical treatments while some are better with difficult cases.

best hospitals in US 2015

To help patients and their families to make informed choices, annual hospital rankings has been published by U.S News this year, as they have been doing for last two decades.

For the rankings, the focus was on meeting healthcare requirements of “most challenging and medically complex patients”, as these are patients who have their life at stake.

The 2015-16 national rankings are focused on covering the availability of sophisticated care in 16 medical and surgical specialties.

The top-ranked names on the list include University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, based in Houston and named as No. 1 for cancer treatment.

The Cleveland Clinic in Ohio has been named as No.1 for patients looking for Cardiology & Heart Surgery while Hospital for Special Surgery, which is located in New York topped in Orthopedics.

Also, there’s a list of 15 hospitals for different specialties that made them on the top of Best Hospitals Honor Roll. For that list, the best name was Massachusetts General Hospital.

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