Nirmala Reveals That I’m Ashok’s Legal Wife! Mere Angne Mein 27th September 2016 Episode

Shanti reaches Sarla’s house. Sarla was angry and asking Nirmala to leave. Nirmala says this  my house and I will not leave. Shanti says what is this happening. Nirmala says today I will tell the truth and Sarla stop her. Sarla says you please get out. She says but then Rani changes the topic. Shanti gets shocked.

Sarla makes Nirmala out. Shanti asks what was that. Sarla lies that she was troubling us and she was the sister of my friend and did not have a house so we kept her here. Shivam shouts on Riya. She says why you get angry so early and you don’t know what you say or not. Shivam says please leave me as I am not in the mood to handle your lectures. He goes.

mere-angne-meinKaushlya listens to them. She says Shivam has changed and loses his temper so early. She says yes. Kaushlya asks Riya to do something to fix this. Riya says I need thousand rupees then I will be able to manage his anger. Kaushalya asks why. Riya says please give me. Kaushalya gives her money. She goes. Kaushalya says money comes and goes in a second. Nimmi makes fun.

Shanti goes and asks to tell me the truth. Ashok buys gajra for Sarla and talks to His friend. He says my wife is so good and I am buying this gajra to tell her importance in my life. He says I love her so much. A friend asks why is she angry don’t she love you. Ashok says she is with me from years anD always supported me aND obviously loves me a lot.

He thinks I will give her gajra and then take her to the temple then her anger will go. Sarla starts making stories. She says Nirmala is Bindu’s cousin and she has to lose her house and did not have any place to live. Sarla cries and says I always thought about my family and Ashok was asking to think about his family too. Sarla says that’s why I had to keep her here. Shanti says fine I will talk to Ashok. Sarla says no need as he will beat me if you will tell things like this. Shanti gets shocked. Rani thinks how bad Sarla is as she is blaming her husband who is so calm and good.

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