Now you can ask Questions over Google Slides Q&A

Google announced on the 4th of May, that it has introduced a new question and answer feature to Google Slides. Termed, Slides Q&A, the feature will revolutionize the way offshore speakers make a presentation, whilst interactively answering questions from their audiences and listeners without any interruptions.

So with Slides Q&A, as a listener, you don’t have to be in the same room as the presenter, nor do you have to muster the guts to stand-up in the audience and pose a relevant question in the right manner.

These questions can be forwarded to the presenter via text over the web using Google Slides Q&A. The speaker remains undisturbed as no one speaks over their microphone to ask questions, so there is no break in the flow of information being provided.

The new Slides Q&A platform stacks up questions from listeners in a real-time fashion. An observant feature Google included was the one to like a question asked by someone else.

These ‘likes’ help the presenter prioritize the importance of the questions asked by looking at the volume of people interested in it, thereby immediately being able to address such queries.

Google additionally announced the integration of Google Hangouts where iPhone and iPad users could remotely present to one of the company’s live streaming video sessions, disbursing their content to a wide variety of listeners.

In an age where technology accentuates businesses, the inclusion of an interactive feature like Slides Q&A may cause a shift in preference among users that rely on traditional software built by competitors, like Microsoft PowerPoint.

So the next time you decide you want to make a presentation, you could either do it from the privacy of your own home or office and still reach a larger number of listeners than you would in a conventional boardroom setting.

You’ll tap more mindshare, receive abundant feedback and steer over new grounds of your own idea through the provocation of other’s thoughts.

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