Official NBA Playoffs Predictions

nba playoffs

It was a season worth remembering and one can hope that the playoffs are as exciting as the final regular season day. It happens that it is one of the best playoffs one has seen in a long time.

This time, the stakes have been very high- when did the Eastern 8th seed have a record comfortably over .500 with the Pistons going 44-38? Or the 6-3rd seeds with the same record of 48-34?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are the clear favorites for the second straight season in the Eastern Conference. However it is being coached by a first-time head coach and Kyrie Irving’s knack at messing up things makes an upset a real possibility.

Bizarre in-game body language and slipping defense are all not good signs of a team which is being bet upon to lead the stable. It seems there is no visible threat which seems to vanquish beating a LeBron James-led team four times in seven tries. Check the complete details here.

The million dollar question is if the top-heavy Western Conference can repeat their record-setting Golden State Warriors from a repeat trip to the NBA Finals.

The biggest threat is in the form of Battle-tested San Antonio with some of the best defenses in its amour and Oklahoma City Thunder’s devastating duo — Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook — are fully capable of making a deep run.

However, the mystery called the Warriors is unfathomable and the best team in the world. They had a great run last year with a 73-win season and a five-man lineup. Their defenses are impenetrable with no visible chinks in their armor. And why not since they have two-time MVP and greatest shooter on their side?

The Final rematch will again see the limelight focused on NBA’s two best players — Stephen Curry and James. The Warrior’s will not change their team-oriented approach to doing things, lightning fast ball movement, Impenetrable defense, and Swiss Army Knife-like roster is a formidable adversary to topple.

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