Om And Shivaye Argument Gets Heated! Ishqbaaz 20th September 2016 Latest Episode Written Updates


In the last episode of Ishqbaaz we saw that Vikram comes and looks at Janvi. He ignores her and goes to Dadi. He touches her feets and regard her as maa and asks how is she. Dadi says you remembered me after so many years. He says you know everything maa and I cannot do anything in that. Dadi says yes you and Tez were best friends but one thing made you separate.

He says but I am happy. He looks at Tez . He says but Tez has not changed as he has the same pride in her eyes and attitude. Tez says Tez Singh Oberoi never changes with time so I’ m the same. Shivay and everyone asks what happened and what are you talking about. Shivay goes to dad and asks her to tell. Dadi says Tez and Vikram were friends. Dadi tells Janvi ran away from her wedding as she loved Tez and left Mr Rana . Rudra asks is this true. Mrs Rana says yes this is truth and Dadi asks what happened. She explains as if Malika is an ex of Shivay and she can stay here so why not Mr Rana come in this house.

shivaye-ishqbaazVikram goes to Malika and thanks, Dadi to take care of Malika. Dadi says I will slap you as a child cannot grow so big that they can thank their elders. He smiles. Rudra says this house is full of ishqbaaz and its great.Malika says Anika affects Shivay. He says no as we don’t know her last name. Malika says why are you talking like mid-century.

Shivay talks to Anika. He says you called Siddharth and that was a good idea. He says he fumbled on call but she handled it. Anika says i know that Shiva is trying to say thank you . Shivay says no and Malika should say thank you. Anika says she had already said. Anika gives letter which she gave.

Anika says she had already said. Anika gives letter which she gave. Shivay reads the letter and-and reads that she is giving these bangles to her and when she will fall in love then she will wear this. Malika says she will fall in love for sure and a person will come and love you like a mad person. Anika asks for her letter. Shivay looks at her.

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