‘One Night Stand’ Movie Review: Sunny Leone’s Hot Scenes are captivating

Sunny Leone, the name evokes strong emotions in both a positive and a somewhat scandalous way. Sunny has managed to create a special niche among the Indian Audience with her films which border in extreme cases as soft porn.

However, her films generate a lot of rave reviews and here latest film “One Night Stand” is no different.
Sunny is stunning but at the same time carries the role of a bold onscreen character in flawless fashion.

Sunny has been enacting stereotyped roles, but she has enacted the role of a strong and independent woman with ease and conviction which even surprised debutant director Jasmine Moses-D’Souza.

The director has been able to elicit the best from Sunny in this erotic thriller where she shares space with Tanuj Virwani.

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Sex and sleaze sells and the sex starved Indian audience keep carving for more. The movie’s trailer and songs have already created a buzz. Curiosity for sex is overpowering, but the underlying hypocrisy of the Indian society allows talk about sex to be done in a hush-hush manner.

The director must be credited for her guts to choose a taboo topic and to name her work as “One Night Stand”.
The film starts with a one night stand, and that is the gist of the story. Fun and pleasure can be dangerous, and this is the theme of the film.

The film asks many pertinent questions which leave the viewer groping for answers. Can a person be judged by their past or actions? Do men have their carnal needs? Can a woman also have her needs?

Debutant director Jasmine Moses-D’Souza says her film does not scream about gender equality but does highlight gender discrimination and relationships through this film.

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