Online Episode Siya Ke Ram 28th September 2016: Luv Kush Say They Want To Become Ram’s Student

Sita says no one can harm my kids. Ram makes an idol of  Sita. Ram gets a Trishul and he stops that. Saint says this is a challenge that means Ram should leave Ayodhya otherwise devil will kill all residents of Ayodhya. Shatrughan says I will go and kill them. Ram says no this is a challenge for King of Ayodhya and I have to take this challenge. Ram says devil did wrong to kidnap children and he will be punished. Luv and Kush reach where all children were poisoned.  Devil asks Lavanasur to see who came.

siya-ke-ramLavnasur says that Ram will.come to Madhupuri for sure and then we will kill him. After his death, Ayodhya will belong to me. He says if Ram will not come then these children had to suffer. Ram goes in rath with Lakshman. Sita also takes trishul and proceeds towards. A lady stops her and says along with Luv Kush many more children are missing so we will also come with you. Ram reaches Madhupuri. Sita and other ladies reach. Sita sees that Shatrughan and Ram have reached. She asks everybody to stop as he has come and he will save everyone.

Shatrughan tries to open cave. Ram enters and devils attack him. Ram kills all. He proceeds further. Shatrughan worries. Lakshman asks where is Ram. He tells he is inside. Ram listens children crying. He says I will save you. Luv says you came here to save us. Ram sees them and feels something.

Sita prays to help Ram. Lakshman opens cave with magical powers and goes in. Ram shouts to come in front and then fight. Demon says he  wants Ayodhya. Ram asks him to understand. Lakshman goes to the room and makes all children free. All children come out.

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