Only 34 Year Old Mother From New Jersey Killed In Hoboken Train Crash Leaving 108 Injured

Fabiola Bittar hoboken_victim

On Thursday morning during rush hours, a train crashed into the platform leaving 108 injured and one women dead who was waiting on the platform. The women who died was a 34 years old mother from New Jersey. The event happened at the Hoboken, New Jersey.



All the people at the platform witness this horrific incident as the train came rushing to the station and slammed into the concrete blocks at a high speed and then strike the ceiling of the station leaving electrical wires and service pipes hanging overhead dangerously.

One woman was killed during as debris fall on her whereas passengers on the train were thrown through the air. Women was identified as 34 year-old mother from New Jersey who was standing at the station waiting for the train when debris came down on her.

Fabiola Bittar hoboken_victimWithin few minutes, Rescue workers arrived at the station to evacuate the people trapped in the train. Along with rescue workers, the whole area was echoing with the siren sounds of ambulance and police vehicles who sped on the scene. Those with the less injury were transported to nearest two local hospitals via bus.

Hoboken is a transport hub just along the Hudson river from the New York city, which is the last stop for the New Jersey commuter train. Each morning about 15,000 people board trains from the Hoboken station.

William Blaine, an engineer who has driven train which was similar to this one, was at the station during this incident. He heard an explosion and ran towards the scene of the crash. “I looked to the right and I just saw people laying down, I saw debris flying and then I saw the train”,he said.

Mr Blaine walked in front of the train where he saw the driver who slumped over his seat. The driver, fortunately, survived the crash but currently in critical condition, fighting for his life at the local hospital.

According to the damage that rain have caused, Mr Blaine estimated that train must have been travelling at the speed of about 30 miles-per-hour.

Bhagyesh Shah, one of the passengers of the train, was standing between first and second carriages when he suddenly thrown in the air. The train was as usual crowded in the morning, but even more so on Thursday morning.

Governor Chris Christie says tat cause of the crash won’t be known until federal investigators do their work. He said that we don’t know a lot about why this happen. The only thing we know is that train came at too much rate of speed and we don’t know why. He said that white has asked him about the investigation into the crash.

All the passengers are saying that train never slowed down, although it was supposed to stop 10-15 feet in front of the barrier.

Even Donald trump came on the twitter to give the message on his own.

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