Opening Box Office Collection Dil Toh Deewana Hai Movie Review Hit Or Flop

dil toh deewana hai

Dil TO Deewana hai,  movie was going to released on 1st July 2016. The film is directed  by one of the talented and great director Raja Bundela and has done a great job in the movie with putting the story of the film in real and make the characters of the film make them with a touch of reality.
Dil Toh Deewana Hai was produced by Deepak Sharma and Aradhana Sharma, they want to produce a movie which is fun loving and romantic and created as a comedy plus romantic. Film is featuring Haidar Khan, Sadha, Raj Babbar, Zeenat Aman and Sushmita mukherjee in their leading roles of the film.

dil toh deewana hai
The story of the film is related to a love story of a girl and boy with the different background.
Haidar khan playing a role named as Raja, and he is an introvert, his mother is his everything and his world is stopped on her only,she is a single parent and has noone in her life, Zeenat Aman is playing character of the mother of Haidar khan .

Once at a night he founds a girl named Anamika (Sadha), She was totally drunk at that time and he falls in love with her on first sight but it is an impossible love story that cannot gonna be possible, that they going to be marry , because its not possible at all , they both are from different backgrounds and they will going to be happy only if they got be together with each other.

We came on the name Sadha, she is the daughter of one of the billionaires in Malaysia. Due to rich family kid Sadha will addict to bad habits and at that night Sadha meets Haider coincidently and she was drunk and Haidar helped her to make her normal. Raja Bundela tried his best to create a somantic comedy film in times and when the concept of the love came up in any film its creates a buzz in the viewers as well and specially for the couples , they got attatched to the movie and enjoys as well.

The background music of the film had given by Anand Raj Anand and Zubeen Garg with their amazing talented voice vairous songs are present in the movie which will gonna touch your heart , the film is running on the big screens from today and has started its collection from today on box office with positive reviews from the audience and with a great response.

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