Oppam 2nd & 3rd Day Box Office Collection Total {Saturday} Earning Report


Malayalam’s one of the biggest and most awaited movie which is being directed and the story is being penned down by a single person who is Priyadarshan, one of the biggest gems Malayalam industry has ever got. His latest movie which is ‘Oppam’ which is basically a crime thriller movie based on a very amazing and suspense filled story.


The movie revolves around Jayaraman Mohanlal, who is born as a blind man but god never gives anyone with less, he has been blessed with a very amazing and impressive sense of smell, sound, and touch. He works as an elevator operator in an apartment where lots of highly reputed people live. Unfortunately one day he happens to encounter a serious and very horrifying murder in the flat where he works. The killer escapes and Jayaraman who comes to that place after listening to the strange voice is caught by the police and is charged with the crime he has never committed.

The story begins from here when he is forced to find the real killer to prove his innocence in the court of Law. The movie is based on a very amazing plot and the whole story is interpreted very perfectly. The director who has already given 91 most amazing and superhit movies in his career shows his exceptional love for this movie because the movies showcases his very experience which he has put in the movie.

The crime-thriller got a very impressive and amazing response from the critics and audience too, the movie was released on 8th September 2016 and got a huge and amazing response on the very first opening day. The character if the visually impaired man which is being played by Mohanlal is one of the most touching and strong characters in the movie and is being appraised by the makers and the audience too. The songs of the movie too got an amazing and great response from the audience which is also the positive point for the movie.

The whole movie is a great treat for the audience who pays for the ticket and will not going to get depressed and will get the full value to their money. The movie is said to have earned approximately Rs. 99.56 lakh on the first day at the multiplexes, with 72 percent theater occupancy.

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