‘Orange Is The New Black’: Season 5 Latest Upcoming Highlights, Upcoming Star-cast & Updated News


‘Orange is the New Black’ has been renewed for three more seasons. Official release date for season 5 is not yet declared. The early renewal indicates that it will follow the past four sessions. Expected release date for season 5 is June 2017.

Series is created by Jenji Kohan. Most of the Litchfield’s woman are back Crazy Eyes, Alex Vause, Piper Chapman, Red, and others. Some of the cast members are in the precarious position in the end of season 4. The role of Lolly was played by Lori Petty. Lori Petty was seen last being taken to the psych ward. Lori Petty mentioned his character’s potential return during an interview with a Hollywood reporter. He said he is not sure but hope to be there in the series.

orange-new-black-season-season-4It’s just the filming of episode one of season five is undergoing. How the season 4 was ended is already known. The creator and developers of the series are to do all that in order. So a phone call to get back on the plane is awaited. I am quite sure about that.

There are thirteen episodes and they have a lot to think over and care about. With not so many spoilers for ‘Orange is the New Black’ season 5, there is the lot to go on with the way how season four came to an end.

In the penultimate episode of season four, fans mourned the death of Poussey which they are still doing. In the series, Caputo refused to blame or name Bayley as responsible for Poussey’s death. With this, while other close friends got sympathy gifts from other inmates , Taystee lost it.

Orange is the new blackDaya’s  mom Aleida got free from the prison but she is worried how she will cope being outside the prison. She is going to stay with Cesar other baby Mama but how long. She can end up back in prison as she is more help to her daughter inside the prison rather than outside.

There is the possibility of two Litchfield guards making an appearance next season. Josh Bennett and George Mendez may make a comeback. Piscatella is likely to return in season 5. Though his methods are not well known and caused the death of one of the inmate. Caputo morals are tested. ‘Orange is the New Black’ will make its return next year.

There is a lot of excitement among the fans being crazy to know ‘what will Daya do with the gun? what will be the results of all her deeds?’ To know all this and more we will have to stay tuned.

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