Ovarian Tissue Transplant Enables Woman To Deliver Baby

June 10, 2015: In a rare case, a women has been reported to give birth to a healthy child, years after the ovaries were removed as a teenager, and later reattached.

1. It has been reported that a 27 year-old woman from Belgium who had her ovarian tissues preserved cryogenically at the age of 14 had a successful graft. Following a gap of more than two years, she has given birth to a healthy baby after very natural pregnancy period.

Ovarian Tissue Transplant Enables Woman To Deliver Baby
2. This is the first case, where a woman, who had ovarian tissue preserved before menstrual cycle began, has been able to give a live birth, reported MedPage Today.

3. The new breakthrough is considered to be important as it will benefit more children. The entire concept of freezing ovarian tissue in cases where ovarian functions are destroyed due to treatment, is considered to be the only way to preserve the ovary of the patient.

4. In this case, the patient was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia in its severe form, and the treatment involved stem cell transplantation (HSCT). Her parents had then opted to for the cryopreservation procedure, in a bid to save her fertility.

5. Using oophorectomy via laparoscopy, the experts were able to remove a total of 62 fragments of ovarian tissue, which were later preserved.

6. When the patient expressed desire to get pregnant, she was told of ovarian insufficiency, permanent amenorrhea and high levels of gonadotropin. For restoring the fertility, two fragments of ovarian tissue were transplanted in a two-step laparoscopy.

7. After regular menstrual cycles continued, she was able to have spontaneous pregnancy and delivered a baby.

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