Pari Asks Help From Arhaan! Watch Kawach Serial 25th September 2016 Written Gossips

In the last episode of Kawach, we had seen the three, Pari, Arhaan and Rajbeer are fighting with Manjulika and Saudamini. Saudamini laughs in pride and says that what will you do now Pari as I have saved my daughter. Shakti also comes there and they all starts fighting with each other. Saudamini fights with Arhaan and he fights back. Pari is facing Manjulika and then gets shocked seeing both Arhaan and Rajbeer in danger. She then goes to save Arhaan and says and Rajbeer gets shocked at this.

kawach-serialPari gets tensed and calls her mother. Her mother comes there and saves them. Saudamini gets fumes at this and says that I will not leave that Pari. Pari comes to the house and asks her mother that why she can’t help her. Her mother says that she needs more power now. Arhaan is standing beside Pari when Rajbeer gets up and starts scolding Pari. He says that you didn’t love me and saves that Arhaan. Arhaan felt bad for Pari and says that I will not come in between both of you. Pari tries to stop him but he leaves.

Later on, Pari gets shocked when Saudamini and Manjulika take Rajbeer with them. She felt helpless and goes to the temple to call Heera. Arhaan comes there and she tells the situation to her. Arhaan tells her about Rajbeer’s location and says to Pari that why she is getting worried for Rajbeer who didn;t trust her. He then says Pari to come with him and to go in his world with him. Pari gets shocked and says that she didn’t need his help anymore she fumes and leaves then.

In today’s episode we are going to see that Manjulika and Saudamini are trapping Rajbeer and Saudamini says that Manjulika is now going to marry Rajbeer. Pari gets stunned and goes back to Arhaan yelling for help. Arhaan says the same to her again and Pari thinks on. Now it will be interesting to see that what decision did Pari take at this situation. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Kawach like this.

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