Parineeta Falls On Ground After Ragini Slaps her! ‘Swaragini’ 30 August 2016: Latest Written Episode Updates


Parineeta and sulekha were coming towards the Badi and were talking too about their not going to come back home. Then suddenly Sujata sees Dadi and Parineeta to be on the same side and gets very shocked, then they both talked about taking their revenge from them and she also praises her way of the way through which she will going to do this.

Sujata was angry from the too because they have also taken their daughter’s rights and have given them to Swara and Ragini and that’s why all this is happening with you, but Parineet convinces her of not taking any worry about them and they will definitely go to enjoy the time which ice about to come in front of them. Durga Prasad was getting so much insulting statements and taunts from Parineeta which is just unbearable to them and he is also very shocked to saw this much insult of his by her.

SwaraginiWhile Swara ad Ragini was preparing to stay inside the house of Dida PArineeta comes there and starts pointing out their condition and also starts taunting their sufferings at that time. The situations are getting very bad between Swara Ragini and Parineeta their statements and taunt meanings are very much of an insult like, but they were doing this.

The news and Media officials are also informed about Aadarsh taking over the Maheshwari business and getting his name over the whole Maheshwari empire now, this news shocked everyone as they hear this on the national news. Durga Prasad who was very shocked after this news statement goes to Aadarsh and ask him about all this but rather than talking generously he talks very rudely and even try to hit him this is what hurts him the most and he gets a heart attack after this.

Everyone gets shocked to see this condition and shouts his name and run towards him. After watching all this Adarsh gives them a cheque and says to not see them again, listening to this Lake gets very angry but Sanskar tells him to not get angry over this useless guy and it is useless to stay here.

Parineeta also comes there and starts insulting their condition and laughing over their sufferings. Ragini over this gets very angry and slaps PArineeta making her fall on the ground.

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