Parvati Files FIR Against Shekhar! ‘Swaragini’ 26th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Live Streaming

swaragini 26th August

The show starts and we see aadarsh and pareenita burst outs their anger and hatred for the family. Annapurna say sthat they loved him same like laksh and sanskar but he say that he is breaking relations from all of them. He says that he is orpahan as his parents died for him.

Pareenita says that laksh and sanskar always supports their wives in their wrong doings but what if aadarhs does? She says that no one forgave her when she came as she doesn’t lick their feets like swaragini. Sanskar shouts on her but she says he cant do anything now as this is her house now and asks him to leave with his family. Pareenita taunts sumi but Shekhar asks not to say anything to his wife and they both tells them that what they are today is just coz fo his parents. And they are not sending them to jail for kidnapping of their son so they should be thankful.

swaragini 26th August

Aadrsh asks durga to get out but laksh holds his hand and says that they will give answer to him. Aadarsh asks how as the property is on his name so where they will live now at road. Shekhar asks them to live at their house. Then swaragini joins hands to show their unity and says that they are bahus of this house and wont let them snatch their rights, ragini says that they will take it back and its swaragini’s promise.

Sujata cries and calls Annapurna to come bbut Annapurna recalls aadarsh’s words and cries. Aadarsh and pari closes the door when they all leave recalling their good times in that house.

They see sulekha coming there outside of house and Annapurna asks her to make pari understand to not doing this but sh esays that she didn’t made her son understand when she requested her and now she is not doing, and says they all have to suffer now.

In next show we will see shekhar asks dadi to leave house as he knows about her doings now. Then woman organization comes and tells shekhar that parvati has filed a report against him for throwing her out of house and she will decide now who will stay there and who will not.

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