Patna Pirates Vs Bengaluru Bulls Pro Kabaddi League 2016 7th July Match Live Score Result PKL 4

pro kabaddi 4

The game of Kabaddi is known to of true spirit game which needs lots of hard-work and dedication to prove the inner strength and muscularity. But this time, it is quite different because of the teams which are much more than just teams they are like the wall-of-china. Kabaddi game is basically a very old game but the new methods have made it much more interesting and exciting one. So the team who are going to face-off today are.

pro kabaddi 4

The team of Patna is owned by KVS Energy and Sports Limited, The Patna Pirates believes that the spirit of the pirate is the spirit of not letting go of using the environment to advantage and to hide perfectly and while striking when the enemy is least aware of them. It is named not after the criminal meaning of the word but after the Greek word ‘peirin’ which means “to attack”.

KVS Energy and Sports Limited it is owned by Rajesh Shah. The Co Chairman and Managing Director of Mukand Ltd and his son Mr. Kaustubh Vir Shah. The team of Patna pirates has show how courageous they are by winning many tough challenges and games with the most challenging teams.

Mukand is India’s leading integrated specialty steel producer and a manufacturer of heavy industrial machinery. He is the Past President of the Confederation of Indian Industries, and the Young Presidents’ Organisation. Mr. Shah is also a keen follower of sport and is himself a fitness enthusiast. Patna Pirates is his first venture into sporting territory.

The other team that will going to fight for their will is, Bengaluru Bulls the Bangalore based franchise of the Pro Kabaddi is owned by the Kosmik Media Group. The team who finished in the top 4 last year is coached by Randhir Singh who is an Arjuna Awardee himself.

The team was founded by media professionals who have handled a wide range of activities for some of the most renowned names in the space. The KOSMIK GLOBAL boasts decades of experience in the Indian and international media and broadcasting industry.

The Kosmik’s core motive is to create a strong presence in sports management across the nation and to use the opportunities as they arise to societies unaware parts by encouraging sports and sports programs in various ways.

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