Pelli Choopulu 7th Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Income Details

Pelli Choopulu

Telugu film industry is spreading its name to the world day by day and comes with hit films continuously on the big screens. Here it comes with their latest film  Pelli Choopulu which was released on 29th July 2016 and did so well on the box office. Pelli Choopulu is doing a great business on the box office and it is more than the expectations of the makers of the film. Pelli Choopulu had made lot of fans and more of the audience for the film. As the trailer of Pellichoopulu was released few days back before the official release of the film on the various social media platforms and on YouTube and just made the audience crazy about the film.

Pelli Choopulu

More of the viewers who had watched the film is just give a good response and had said that the story of Pelli Choopulu is so interesting and impressive. They really like the characters played in the film, The promotions of Pelli Choopulu was done on more of the big platforms and the team of Pelli Choopulu had spread their name to the world. The makers of Pelli Choopulu having a lot of expectations from the film and and here now all of their expectations just comes true and they are so happy to have a good response of the audience.

Pellichoopulu was released on the big screens and the audience just got mad for the film as the story of Pellichoopulu is so interesting and can make the mind of the one blow for it. Pellichoopulu is featuring more of the amazing stars in the film and which includes Vijay Deverakonda , Nandhu and Ritu Verma in the main leading role of the film. They all did so well on the big screens and as they all had done more of the hit films and have a large fan following in the Tollywood film industry. All of these stars having a great fan following as well as they have a great experience, how to perform in front of the camera.

And here in Pelli Choopulu they did so well with their given characters as we had already watch the trailer of the film and really loved by the audience. Pellichoopulu was made in a low budget of Rs.1.5 cr. which is a small amount but Pellichoopulu just got hit on the box office by its huge collection and really loved by the audience. Pelli Choopulu got from the audience, what the makers of Pelli Choopulu are expecting of. Pelli Choopulu is based on the romantic comedy based genre which is really loved by the audience. The story of film includes more of the fun and romance in it which got a good response from the audience.

The story plot of Pelli Choopulu is so interesting and more of the audience were attracted towards the film and it had done a good business on the box office. Pellichoopulu had collected about Rs.3.43 cr. on the very first day of its release which was so good for the makers of the film. Its the 7th day of the film and it had collected about Rs.1.34 cr. on the box office. The total collection of Pellichoopulu was set at 13.24 cr. and the makers of film are satisfied with the response of the audience for the film. Pellichoopulu is still on the big screens and doing so well on the box office and really loved by the audience. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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