PETA Slams Justin Bieber for posing with a tiger at his Father’s engagement

The Canadian heartthrob Justin Bieber is in the news again. This time for posing with a chained tiger at his Father’s engagement party in Toronto.

PETA sent an open letter to Bieber which states that that the tiger came from the zoo whose owner has been charged with animal cruelty.

The organization is seriously offended by the singer’s act.

In a statement to Mailonline, PETA US Senior Vice President Lisa Lange said: “Justin Bieber is lucky not to have had his throat torn out by this stressed captive tiger”.

In a PETA video which was released over the internet a few days back, a tiger at Bowmanville Zoo in Ontario showed a tiger being brutally whipped. The owner of the zoo was then charged with 5 counts of animal cruelty.

Justin Bieber Tiger

Trying to spread their message, PETA has often urged everyone to stay away from big cats and other animals. Using these for photo-ops is extremely dangerous because deadly animals used for photo-ups are often separated from their mothers at a very sensitive age.

Justin Bieber being a celebrity should take care of his actions because they have the power to influence many.

Meanwhile, the Canadian singer was apparently giving out sad expressions in photos clicked at his father’s (Jeremy Bieber) engagement function in Ontario.

Wearing a ripped jeans and polka dot t-shirt, Justin gave serious expressions even whilst posing with the legendary boxer Lennox Lewis.

We would like you to recall that is not really the first time when the singer has offended the Animal rights groups. Back in 2013, ‘Beiber’s monkey’ was confiscated by the German customs officials.

Even though the experts believe that having a capuchin monkey as a pet is not safe for the owner and the pet, Bieber has announced that he is planning to pet another one.

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