Phantom Bluetooth Speaker That Gives Rock Concert Feels From Devialet

Unless you’re a European history scholar, there’s no reason Devialet should sound familiar. Here at News Recorder we love getting excited about all things tech and this new Phantom wireless speaker from French company Devialet has just got us all foaming at the mouth.

Phantom Bluetooth Speaker That Gives Rock Concert Feels From Devialet

Developed under the cloak of secrecy, the Phantom was unveiled at CES in January. A new drive technology is employed by this new speaker, that means that it can sound as loud as a sound system in a real venue environment. The company states that the speaker can get as loud as a live rock concert. The speaker that looks like it came right out of a Sci-Fi Movie, The Phantom is definitely a speaker that will turn heads as well as ears.

The Devialet group is giving a 45 day free trial with free ups shipping all over United States for first few orders or if you don’t want to order it online, you can just visit the Devialet online store and check out your nearest retailer thru their store locator. With all these perks the brand is also providing its users a free TIDAL subscription so that they can listen to their favorite tracks for free. Fusing analog and digital technologies, Phantom delivers peak sound performance, with no saturation, no distortion, and no background noise. Thanks to the new high-end Bluetooth and unique patented technology embedded in Phantom, you can play all your music via Bluetooth without generating any distortion.


Another amazing feature provided by the brand is that, you can connect up to twenty-four Phantom speakers using Dialogue Connector (sold separately) for cinema or multi room audio experiences. Initially, we thought just one Phantom was incredible. But two is on another level. Two Phantoms very well handles stereo separation. Those put off by the plastic shell, don’t be. The high gloss, poly-carbonate material is as hard and rigid as an NFL helmet. With a shock-absorbing base it can even handle Richter scale tremors. The case itself is lined with braided sheets of Kevlar acoustic insulation, which keeps the circuit boards running cool and also makes the Phantom literally bulletproof. Sounds and voices that are supposed to be in the center, sounds like they’re coming from the center. There are two models: the vanilla Phantom, which is white, with 750 watts producing 99 dB, and the silver Phantom. The silver one dishes out 3,000 watts at 105 dB. Lest there be any doubt, 105 dB is the legal limit for a club in U.S.

Though the speaker is available on amazon in India too but the price is too far fetched for a 750 Watts speaker. Cost of the Phantom on Amazon is Rs. 2,49,990 and this clearly states that this one is only for the rich brats and no one else. Its also available on the apple store for a price of $1,990. We didn’t get our hands on one yet but rest assured, we will bring you an in-depth review very soon.

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