Photos: Paris Hilton suffers a wardrobe malfunction

paris hilton leaving chin atang , with her boobs exposed through her top

Paris Hilton is not amongst those celebrities who have been coy about their body. She is an outgoing
celebrity and a businesswoman.

But wardrobe malfunctions can be offputting. Coming out of a restaurant in London, the camera flash revealed more than Paris wanted us to see. Or maybe not.

Her demure black dress turned out to be transparent. With every camera flash, her assets were exposed for the world to see. Although the dress was full sleeved, it just did not cover where it was intended to.


paris hilton wardrobe

Her makeup was simple yet glamourous. The thigh-high shoes with an enormous heel kept things sorted in the footwear department. With a nude shade lipstick and a small leather handbag, her thin black colored dress became the obvious highlight.

Even the false eyelashes and bouncy blonde locks could not attract all the right attention. And she kept on posing playfully for the cameras. Now we can’t say whether she had an idea about what’s happening but the photos are all over the internet.


paris hilton

Further, according to TMZ, the empress has called it quits with her millionaire boyfriend Thomas Gross. It is speculated that both broke their 1-year-old relationship as they were facing a lot of problems in carrying their respective empires.

Residing in the Swiss Alps, Paris’s work required her to travel frequently between Los Angeles and Ibiza. Both could not manage to work from a single place and the relationship ended.

Sources have also confirmed that the beauty used to miss her mother and sister who are back in LA.

The news of the split has not been received very well by fans. Some months back, Paris confessed that the relationship was special and that her partner Thomas (Swiss businessman) was the one for her.

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