[Photos] Rosetta clicks awesome pictures of comet 67P

Rosetta pictures of comet 67P

Rosetta Spacecraft of the European Space Agency, on March 27, 2016 clicked some scintillating photos of Comet 67P. The photo which is now out features the comet perfectly backlit by the sun.

The spacecraft captured this moment when the sun, the comet and Rosetta came reached a spot which was perfectly aligned. The images was released on April 02, 2016, and it has created a feel of WOW among space lovers.

The Rosetta probe has been studying 67P for the past two years, and have already provided many crucial information about it.

ESA officials told that Rosetta clicked the image when it was a few hundred kilometers downstream of the vapor and dust pushed off by the comet.

The space agency also made it clear that the duck-shaped comet is on its way to move out of the solar system, but it is still active.


On October 2015, the spacecraft detected molecular Oxygen in the comet. This finding literally debunked the previous assumption about the absence of oxygen in 67P.

Last February, scientists have moved the spacecraft close to the comet to conduct a detailed study. But, it was moved away soon, so that it can learn about the region around the nucleus. A zero phase flyby is expected to be conducted on April 09, 2016 at 30 kilometers altitude.

Experts from ESA believe that this year’s landing will be a smooth one. After landing, ESA will put an end to this mission. Within the limited time frame, the spacecraft will be aiming to collect as much details as possible about the comet and our planetary system.

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