Pierece Brosnan’s Thrilling Suspense Tech-Movie ‘I.T.’ Got Loose Wiring Issues


‘I.T’ is One of the most awaited movies being directed by John Moore, produced by David T’Friendly and the amazing story is Penned down by Dan Kay and William Wisher.

While the movie is having a very great and amazing story the movie too got a very exceptional and talented actor as the lead artist, the lead characters of the movie are being done by Pierce Brosnan, James Frecheville, Anna Friel, Stefanie Scott and Michael Nyqvist. The movie is going to release on 23rd September 2016 with the just limited release and video on demand. The plotting and story of the movie are done very perfectly while marking the exceptional performance by every single character in the movie. The movie is a person named as Mike Regan done by Pierce Brosnan, who is a self-made man with all the fortunate things which is denied by anyone.

i-t-movieHis small but amazing family consists of a gorgeous wife Friel and a very beautiful teenage daughter Scott and a very exceptional and high-tech home which has all the futuristic abilities every demanded.

The story got the thrill when his company is on the verge of changing the aircraft leasing business forever, when his relationship with Ed Porter Frecheville and his trusted I.T. consultant suddenly goes bad and that means very bad. As the story goes further, Mike soon finds himself in a deadly high-stakes game which is being made by Ed and all the players are of his too.

i-t-movie-2He then also starts stalking Mike’s daughter and using technology to threaten his family, his business and his life. Then Mike begins fighting all the odds and starts running all the planning and games which are being played by Ed and is set to destroy Him.

The movie is having a suspense thrill and all as the trailer of the movie suggests the movie got amazing plotting and direction.

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