Pink Movie’s Steady Run: 12 Days Box Office Collections & Total Lifetime Earnings Till 2nd Week


‘Pink’ has become one of the very first movie of the year who has got a sudden hike in the response and reviews for the movie while the collection shows a great steadiness throughout the week which is quite impressive as the opening day of the movie was not good at all and shows a disappointing report of collections.

The acting of the leading stars in the movie is what makes it to the audience very impressively, having a very amazing plotting of the story and the characters in the movie, the actors have literally given their one of the best performance in the movie. The movie has smashed all the performance of all the other movie which was released next to this movie like Riteish Deshmukh’s Banjo, Emraan’s Raaz Reboot and Radhika Apte’s Parched. All the three movies have shown a very great side o story and with the amazing acting of the stars in the movie.

pink-movieThe running of the movies at the box office is quite impressive as the competition is very much tough, while the movie Pink shows a very deep side of the society and all the Indian mentality which is causing a very big drawback to the people of India and as the movie is based on a court drama, the thrilling suspense of the story is filled with shown which is being shown by Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu while the supporting artists have also shown a very exceptional skills through their serious acting note in the movie and portraying the given roles of the movie.

The movie also has some very good collection on the box-office, while the collection of the movie turns out to be a very surprising element for the makers and the sudden hike which the movie got after the very first day was very impressive for the movie makers.

pink-newThe collections of the movie were, the first-day collection of Pink was Rs. 4.32 crore, the 2nd day’s collection was Rs. 7.65 crore on Saturday, while the third day ended with the collection of the movie was Rs. 9.54 crore. At the end of its first weekend, the total collection of the movie was Rs. 21.51 crore at box office.

It continued well also in weekdays. It successfully completed its second weekend and the total collection of the movie till now is Rs. 51.12 crore at the box office.

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