Pinky Make Mallika Remember About Past! Ishqbaaz 4th September 2016 Written Episode


Pinky taunts Malika. Malika says she doesnot wants to make them tensed. Om asks Pinky to listen what happened. Pinky says no she cannot live here. Shakti says its not good and you should return to your family. Janvi says we should not judge her. Rudra asks Pinky to see how tensed Malika is. Tez says if Malika wants to live here then there is no problem.


Shakti says he knows what Tez is thinking and he wants Malika to use against Rana. Malika says she doesnot wants make them fight. Shivay says why cant she stay here. He says Malika will stay here till she wants. Anika smiles. Om asks if he is sure. Shivay says he is damn sure. Om says he wants to support Malika but she has not done right from running from marriage. Shivay says Malika was with him in every moment and today also he will support her.


Pinky says she is ex girlfriend. Shivay says then what we share same bond in between us. He looks at Anika. She smiles. Saumya says he proved if girl tries then Boys can also become sensible. Rudra says if Shivay is with Malika then he is also with him. Om says in every decision i am with you. Malika says thank you to him. Shivay says he mean that.

Malika uses words of Anika. Shivay says not to use these words. Shivay says change your dress. Malika says she ran away from there and came here. Pinky sees it and becomes shocked. She says why she came here. Malika says we should not take unplanned decision and who runs from their marriage then she got to know that there is auto strike. Rudra asks why you broke up. She says worst part was that she was not able to talk to them. Om says you both handled your break up with dignity.

Malika tastes food made by Shivay. Anika says Shivay has done good to support Malika. Rudra teases her. Pinky says to stop and she is so tensed. Anika says please dont get worries. Pinky says we went to Haridwar for Honeymoon and today’s generation is so bad. Shivay comes and gets angry on Pinky.

He says mom you should not worry as we are mature and we know what is right and what is wrong. Pinky says ok. Shivay asks Malika to come with him and he will show him her shower. Pinky reacts weirdly and says why shower. They goes and Malika reacts and acts like drama queen. She says when people will get to know the truth then how will they react and Pinky will say Oh my Mata again and again. They both laughs.

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