PM Narendra Modi asked for Bank Transaction Details from BJP’s MPs & MLAs

PM Narendra Modi asked for Bank Transaction Details from BJP's MPs & MLAs

Another big step from Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s side, that he had now asked BJP’s MLA’S and MP’s to submit their bank account transaction details from 8th November to 31st December 2016. PM had taken this step to shut the mouth of those who are blaming the BJP leader continuously that they had known about the step of Demonetization before.

Narendra Modi had taken this step to let the true face of the party and party members in front. The opposition parties are still on blaming the president and his party since the next day of the biggest decision of Demonetization. The decision is called to be the biggest decision of independent India but on the other hand it gets trapped with several obligations.

PM Narendra Modi asked for Bank Transaction Details from BJP's MPs & MLAsThe step from Modi’s side is called to get a great change in Indian economy. He had taken a decision to change make the India economy cashless and to trap the black money holders. The step was supported by many peoples on the other side many people and opposition parties had criticized the step and also blames it with several terms. We had seen Narendra Modi answering all the questions and this is an another answer to those who are blaming him for his step.

Now PM Narendra Modi had told all the BJP’s member to submit their bank transaction detail to Amit Shah, the BJP’s party president. This is again called to be a much powerful step from Modi’s side. The updates and news about Demonetization are coming regularly. The recent update before this had come from RBI side in which the people are informed that they can now withdraw cash from their respective bank accounts without any limit. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news feeds like this.

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