Pokemon Video Game Review: Game Series Spread Worldwide

Pokemon Video Game

Pokemon, one of the amazing and interesting game series which is developed by Game Freak and Creatures Inc. The game was published by Nintendo as it is the part of Pokemon media franchise, worldwide. The game was released for the first time worldwide in year 1996, which is so popular in the world right now as the graphics and the series of game is so interesting, One of the role playing video games are just to continued to make a new generation and with latest animation in it.

Pokemon Video Game

These games are just in  the series as it is the most older game as it was launched 10 year before, which is a long time period in itself and had created a craze among the game lovers, and now it comes here with its new version and we can say it the updated version of the game,  as it is the remake of the game with the new feature and with the latest technology. The main series of the game was consist of the role playing characters and many other joyable genres.

It is such an tremendous game named Pokemon which is loved worldwide and had a great fan following, as the latest series of the game was released in march 2016, it has already did such and amazing collection for the first time by the sale of the game series worldwide. The game was sold out in such a way , that more than 279 million units have been sold worldwide, and more of them approx 200 millions was sold out from the main series.

The main reason for such a huge sale and for the success of Pokemon latest series , there is only a single person named Nintendo’s who own Mario franchise, he just puts his best efforts to make the game, and to give a name as best selling video game franchise. Pokemon is an amazing game which is be loved worldwide and has a great characters and concept in it, with a real life surrounding, users can feel the real world in the game while they will play it on their PC or on mobile phone screens.

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