Was Pratyusha Banerjee pregnant before her demise?


Pratyusha Banerjee’s death shook the entertainment industry and her admirers. Now the case has taken a new twist.

According to the latest update, Banerjee was pregnant and probably underwent abortion a month before her alleged suicide on April 2. The doctors of JJ Hospital confirmed the news.

This revelation is based on the histopathological examination of tissues from the uterus of the Jamshedpur born actress.

As per the sources, conception took place a month before leading to a premature foetal cell death. A team of doctors conducted the post-mortem on her body for over three hours and the entire procedure has been videographed and photographed.

The experts say that it will be difficult for the investigating team to confirm the child’s paternity since there are tissues left for the DNA test.

The police is leaving no stone unturned to investigate all the possible angles to the sudden demise of the 24 year- old T.V. actress.

Following Pratyusha’s death, the investigations have shown that she was in a troubled relationship with her fiancee, actor-producer Rahul Raj Singh.

As per the preliminary autopsy report, the cause of death was asphyxia, confirmed a police officer.
Banerjee’s hair, nails and blood samples have been preserved for further DNA tests.

Pratyusha, 25, known for her role as ‘Anandi’ in the famous T.V. series, ‘Balika Vadhu’ was found dead in her apartment at Goregaon in Mumbai on April 1 this year.

She was taken to Kokilaben hospital and was pronounced dead. The actress was found hanging from a ceiling fan. She appeared on reality shows, “Bigg Boss 7”, “Jhalak dikhlaja” and recently in , “Power couple”.

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