Premila Tries To Reveal Jaggi’s Truth! Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2016 Written Episode


Meera cries in front of temple and gets hurt. Vidya comes and says are you mad what are you doing. She brings first aid box. Meera remains sad. Vidya asks what happened di. Meera says go and ask Dharam and there is everything wrong with Dharam. She asks what happened. Meera tells Vidya.

saath-nibhana-saathiya She says last time she went to Dharam but now she will not go to him. Meera goes in anger. Vidya thinks there is some planning and someone wants that. Naiya and Mayal smiles. Kokila and everyone does pooja in temple. Gopi sings aarti. Meanwhile they sees Mansi dancing on western music. Meera becomes sad and Vidya goes to her and applies medicines.

Meera takes up glass and takes water. Dharam comes there. Dharam asks what is in breakfast. She pours milk in glass. Meera says his badam milk is ready and he can take it. Dharam says i will not take this. Meera gets hurt. Dharam asks what happened.

She says my hands are burnt and now you will be happy. He becomes shocked. Vidya says she does not know why there is problem in their relation. She asks him to talk to Meera and she is upset and he thought she did this knowingly. Vidya says if you will not talk then misunderstandings will increase and things gets worst.

Mansi does aerobics. Mona says she also wants to do that. Pari asks her to shut her mouth. Gopi and Kokila continues to do aarti. They ignores her. Mansi continues doing aerobics. Kokila ends aarti. Gopi gives aarti to everyone. She also goes to Mansi and says take aarti and low down the volume.

Mansi shouts and says i will not lower the volume and you should change your times. Gopi argues. Kokila stops her and says we will do aarti early tomorrow. Gopi gives aarti to Pramila. She also asks Mansi to take but she refuses. Gopi says our fight is another thing and devotion is another thing and you should take this. Pramila says yes Mansi take it. Mansi takes aarti and thinks Mom does not supports me.

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