Prisma The New Photo Editing Sensation App Out On Android


“Turn your photos into awesome artworks” this is what the tag line of Prisma states. The photo editing app which was earlier enjoyed only by the iphone user has now launched on android too. Prisma transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art pieces.


We’re here to tell you if the application is really worth a shot or not. With more than 1 million downloads in just less then a month, the developers were basically not prepared for this as the application keeps crashing due to over capacity of users. A survey claims that 8 out of 10 times when they try to edit a picture, Prisma shows a message saying the app is over capacity. “There are too many people using Prisma right now. Please wait a moment and try again later,” says the message.

Thanks to its artistic filters, the application turns photos into art, this is what differentiates it from the rest of the photo-editing apps out there. Except for the problem of over usage and the servers not being able to handle the traffic, there is no other such problem with the app. The app works great and we love the filters, we only hope Prisma decides to address the problem soon. As its getting more and more downloads per day and just started to gain popularity amongst the android users, we don’t think people are going to get bored of the Prisma filters anytime soon.

Size of the app is very small, nearly 7 Mb and all it requires is android 4.1 and above versions. Application can hence be downloaded to any device and used hassel free. This being the first version of the app we hope the next version resolves all the issues and bugs, maybe add a few more filters to keep the buzz going. According to us, Dreams filter is the best one in Prisma and we hope that next version comes soon. Stay tuned for the review of the next version as it comes out.

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