‘Prison Break’ Season 5: Airing Dates & Episodes Titles Confirmed {Spoilers Ahead}


‘Prison Break’ is coming back on television .This is one of the highly anticipated FOX series, television serial drama created by Paul Scheuring.The series revolves around two brothers. Lead actor Dominic Purcell is overwhelmed by  the response ‘The FOX’ reboot is getting.

The series was aired for four consecutive years, many years back and  it attained a lot of popularity. It is one of the most awaited series on television. No announcement regarding the exact date of airing this series is yet announced. It is reported that series will be back in early 2017.This news has created a lot of buzz in the social media.The comeback of series is highly anticipated by fans. The ‘Prison Break’ season five trailer is released.In the concluding part of season four finale ‘Prison Break’,Michael Scofield was shown died to save his lady love. Season five will bring its principal star back.

pison-break-season-5The trailer release opens with Scofield ‘s son asking Tancredi Sara  about his father. She mentions about storm and boy notes that storms can always come back. Although it was not an exactly meteorological statement still it  lays the foundation for the character’s return.The ‘Prison Break’ Season five might open up with a different plot than where it was left off in the previous season.

The ‘Prison Break’ season five will reveal how Michael survived and how he ended up in a prison in Yemen. How Michael will escape the prison and leave the country will be shown in season five storyline. Fans are crazy to know what will happen to Michael and Sara in the ‘Prison Break’ five. After Michael was considered dead,Sara has given birth to their child. Now Michael and Sara are back.


The ‘Prison Break ‘Season five will be high in drama. It is full of action, crime  and at the same time fans will see Michael doing everything to get Sara back in his life. Prison Break season five is going to be premiered in March 2017.Actor Dominic Purcell has shared a screenshot of an article saying that  Prison Break is twenty times more anticipated than all other new television shows.

Fans are waiting for spring to see the drama and reuniting the brothers. Actor Dominic Purcell conveyed his gratitude towards the fans by posting on his Instagram account. He also extended his excitement on the upcoming season five premiere. He has also been posting photos of his tattoos on his Instagram account.

prison-break-season-5Speculations are also that this season five will be the concluding season of all the seasons but no confirmation is made till now about this.

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