‘Prison Break’ Season 5: Confirmed Latest Airing Dates, Star-Cast & Episodes Title {Spoilers Ahead}

Prison-Break season 5 new airing dates

FOX  co-chairman and CEO Dana Walden confirmed the release  of Prison Break season 5. Official premiere date is not yet revealed by FOX .Show’s writers are providing a more specific time frame in which “Prison Break” fifth season is going to be telecasted. The series is going to make you see Scofield alive and this is a question mark in itself.

The series is going to make you see Scofield alive and this is a question mark in itself.Its a risk to show a man with tumour, regular nosebleeds and moreover the one who was electrocuted in last episode of season 4 alive.Walden assured that there will be logical reason  and after watching the episode fans will find his escape from high security prison  believable.Season 5 is going to be a pure vision by Paul Scheuring who is creator of the show.Fans need to be excited to see Scofield and all again together on television.

Prison-Break season 5 new airing dates

Prison break is a United States thriller drama full of action and crime.It is created by Paul Scheuring.It has completed the four seasons with 81 episodes.It was broadcast on FOX for four seasons from 2005 to 2009.The story moves around two brothers.

one of them is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and the other brother thinks of a plan to help him escape the prison.Wentworth Miller enacted as Michael Scofield who died in the last episode of season 4.Now season 5 is on cards.A pilot had been ordered and given greenlit.”Prison Break” writers have replied on twitter that episode 1 will be aired on April.Right now they are involved in post-production processes but it’s not going to consume much time now.

This season of Prison Break is going to be different from the rest as it will be in accordance with terrorism in today’s world.Some very familiar themes, particularly with ISIS and ISI, are going to be explored.It’s not an ordinary show rather a high-tension thriller.The previous season of the show left the audience presuming Scofield death.It is confirmed that Scofield ended up working for a terrorist organization.When he expressed his inability to move on further with it ,the organization put him in jail in Yemen.

Prison Break season 5

Now the series is expected to start from here.Michael Scofield may be a changed man in this season 5.In this way, Scofield comeback is unexpected but cool and justified.Sara his on-screen love interest is now married to another man but she still will be his “.emotional bullseye”.How Sara reacts now and what she feels about Scofield is in question.The series is going to be full of action ,mystery ,crime and drama.Some changes in show’s original dynamics are expected.

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