Pro Kabaddi League 2016 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Live Score Points PKL 4

pkl 4

The currently running show which is the tournament of Kabaddi is basically originated in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is basically derived and is developed by the tribal peiples who are from group in the villages and jungles for their daily hunting and village defense. The Other forms of Kabbadi is originated in northern parts of India.

This Although the game is a traditional sport in various parts of South Asia, the modern standardized version identifies kabaddi with Maharashtra where the process of standardizing the rules of kabaddi took place during the 1915 through to the mid of 1920s. This Though variations emerged and rules were framed time to time, the game’s principal objective remained unchanged which is also the true soul of the game.

pkl 4

The teams which are playing in this year’s league of Kabaddi are doing it very greatly and are showing their courage of the court of Kabaddi. The game is all about courage and dare and all of these guys have these guts to show the courage, which is needed in this game. The today’s game will going to have these two teams to face-off eachother in the court of courage.

The first match is of: Bengaluru bulls Vs Telugu Titans.

Bengaluru Bulls: The team of Bengaluru Bulls which is the Bangalore based franchise of the Pro Kabaddi is mainly owned by the Kosmik Media Group. The team who have finished in the top 4 last year is being coached by one of the most amazing players of this game itself, Randhir Singh is an Arjuna Awardee and renown athlete.

The foundation is Founded by media professionals who have handled a wide range of activities for some of the most renowned names in the space, KOSMIK GLOBAL boasts decades of experience in the Indian and international media and broadcasting industry.

The other Champions of all season of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi is the Jaipur Pink Panthers which proudly represent the Pink City of Rajasthan, The Jaipur in the tournament. This team is being coached by Kasinathan Baskaran, the team is owned by a very loving and known Bollywood actor, Abhishek Bachchan.

He is too an avid fan of all sports  like cricket, basketball, football and one of his most loving game is Kabaddi . Abhishek is a proud owner of Jaipur Pink Panthers and he also co-owns the Indian Super League’s franchise of Chennaiyin FC.

Both the teams are doing well in this league and are looking forward to make their place in the finals of the game to make their team win this series.


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