Puneri Paltan Vs Bengaluru Bulls Pro Kabaddi League PKL 4 2016 Score Point Result Winner Prediction

bengaluru bulls

The game kabbadi has been been started on 25th of June and since then it has got so much of love from the audince and enough of TRP on the television to make their way through the most of the shows. The game is getting more and more tougher day by day and with every going and coming season.

This time the match s between the two of the toughest teams and both of those team didn’t get any chance to make their way since the very beginning of the match. The team of Bengaluru Bulls which is the Bangalore based franchise of the Pro Kabaddi, This team is being owned by the Kosmik Media Group. The team who finished in the top 4 last year is coached by Randhir Singh who is a well known and an Arjuna Awardee achiever.

bengaluru bulls

This team has been Founded by media professionals who have handled a wide range of activities for some of the most renowned names in the space, KOSMIK GLOBAL boasts decades of experience in the Indian and international media and broadcasting industry.

The Kosmik’s endeavour is focused on creating a quite strong presence in sports management across the country and to use the opportunities as they arise to give back to society by encouraging many sports and sports programs in various ways.

The team which has been targeted by many other teams for their spotless performance and their true sportsmanship has been owned and managed by the Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd., Puneri Paltan is one of two Pro Kabaddi franchises which is basically from Maharashtra. The team represents the city of Pune, combining the magnificence of Maharashtra’s cultural capital with the true and unadulterated flavors of this indigenous sport.

Insurekot Sports Pvt. Ltd. is passionate about Kabaddi and committed to promoting the sport and works with an aim to create awareness around Kabaddi’s rich heritage in the country. The team is led by Manjeet Chhillar.

Recreating the glory of the game’s rich history in India, Puneri Paltan unleashes the energy and fortitude of Kabaddi in its modern day version.

The math will going to start today and is being crazily followed by the fans of the Kabbadi.

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