Punjabi Movie Main Teri Tu Mera Trailer Roshan Prince Mankirt Aulakh

main teri tu mera

A movie which will going to leave you stunned yet keeping a smile on your face the whole time until the movie runs in front of you. The movie which is being made by Punjabi Cinemas and is purely Punjabi from heart, this movie will going to steal your heart.

The movie Main Teri Tu Mera is a Punjabi Comedy/Thriller movie by genre which will going to release on 19th July 2016. The movie is having some very amazing story in it because the movie is about a guy who mostly lives in dreams and thinks of a cute girl from whom he is married, the girls comes often in his dreams and spends time with him.

main teri tu mera

One day that girl seriously and really comes in front of him he thinks that it was a dream but when she talked to him he seriously gets that doubt will the dreams come true. One day at his house a women comes with the offer of her daughter’s marriage with him on which he gets very happy.

He then meets his old friend who lives in town and comes to village very often, then one day he gets to know that he is in love wit the girl he is about to marry and gives him sake of their friendship but he was very confused between both the girls because when the girl tells him that he is her husband and has married to her already.

So the whole story is quite confusing but the story plotting and acting of the leads and actors make the audience stick to their seats and watch till end and try to understand who the girl was which comes out of his dream and tells that he is her husband.

The movie is being directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary. The whole movie has lots of experienced and top most wanting makers behind everything like music, sounds, production house, lyrics for both acting and songs and mostly the story of the movie.The makers are hoping that the movie songs too is liked by the audience and gets their good reviews

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