Quantico S02 Ep03 “Spoiler” As The Season Is Not Going To End So Soon!

Quantico season 2episode 3

Quantico was one of the best show last year and the whole first season was a very successful one and has shown a great viewership till the very end. The show was one of ABC”S most nominated for the awards show and prized drama thriller series with almost 8.05 Million followers.

But the show seems to be getting a quite variating audience this time, as the Second season of Quantico thus become imperative and on Popular Demand and was started just a fortnight ago. The two episodes didn’t seem too impressive this time and due to some unexpected reasons, the third episode will not going to get air on time which is expected to be on October 9 due to some coverage of the Presidential Debate and the new date for the episode is now 16th of October.

Alex PArrishSo below is the spoiler of the upcoming third episode of Season 2:

The whole CIA is expecting so many problems because of the unfitness of Agents. So they are giving the training to the new recruits along with Alex Parrish which is being portrayed by Priyanka Chopra, they have been given a very special training which will go to help them fight the stress and managing it.

quantico-s2But there is something else which is being chosen by Alex and that is revealing the secrets of CIA training facility. For doing this she needs to win the confidence of Owen Hell’s which is being played by Blair Underwood.

This is very important is she and Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) will get to know the truth. Will the agents go to find the possible solution to their problem of Hostage crisis rattle the agent’s dailies?

The Promo Video of Quantico S02EP03:

While there is still possibilities that a whole new fresh side will go to get revealed or explored in negotiation with the party as always. They are still in the dark about the motive of their rivals, who are not letting any table unturned when it comes to winning the trade. There are quite possibilities that Alex will go to be a part of the crisis in the upcoming episodes.

A major spoiler is here is that the terrorist will go to have Alex on their side to make the trade easy for them as Alex will going to pave their ways as a security.

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