‘Quantico’ Season 2: {Spoiler Alert} Latest Teaser & Trailers, Revealed Episodes Titles, Upcoming Star-Cast & Characters

Quantico Season 2 Airing dates

Quantico which is one the biggest and most successful Tv series which is based on the very amazing genre of Thriller and action and is being prepared by Joshua Safran, the show was first premiered on ABC on 27th September, 2015 and since then the show got very impressive and amazing response from the viewers, while marking a very good and high viewership the show manages to run and got impressive reviews throughout the season and every single episode is being praised by the audience.

The lead protagonist of the show is Alex Parrish which is being played by one of the most famous and versatile Indian originated Actress ‘Priyanka Chopra’. The show is about her story and the past which is coming in front of her now, in her past she is suspected of committing a terrorist attack and the series then starts telling her story and events which happened with it and then the story starts about stories of her fellow recruits at the FBI Academy at the ‘Quantico’. The ABC picked up a show for a full season with subsequent orders in October and November to a total of 22 Episodes, but after looking at the progress and success of the first season the second season was being announced by ABC for the 25Th September 2016.

Quantico Season 2 Airing dates

The story of the serial is about A group of FBI recruits battle their way through training at the academy in Quantico, Virginia, unaware that one of their own is masterminding the biggest terror attack since the September 11 attacks.
The first season of the ‘Quantico’ got a very impressive and amazing response from the critics too by getting almost 84% of positive reviews and approval ratings of 7 out of 10.

The season two has started to take place and is all set to rock the whole tv by giving an amazing and thrill filled episode of the second season of Priyanka Avatar as Alex Parrish, the things are going on ver greatly as the eagerness and desperateness of the second season of Quantico. The show is majorly helping to grow the exceptional personality of Priyanka across the globe.

The season will go to show a different side of Priyanka’s journey and adventure. The trailers and teasers of the show have started to come out and they are clearly giving away all the guesses and suggestions that what will go to  happen in this season.

Quantico season 2

Pee Cee who constantly shares her experience and images of the fun and amaze around the set. She has recently shared a teaser of the upcoming second season and all the things are getting clear that this season is filled with twists and thrilling adventure.

The very tragic ending of Quantico Season 1 finale, we saw that Liam was the mastermind behind the Grand Central bombing. Also, Simon sacrificed his life to protect his country by driving a nuclear bomb into the ocean. The very first episode of Quantico is titled as ‘Kudove’ and the term is apparently a code name for CIA and this refers to the CIA Deputy Director for operation. The latest spoilers revealed that this season will be full of suspense. All the conspiracies and secrets will be revealed very soon.

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