R.I.P Mr. Carlo Ciampi, Former Italian President And Prime Minister Dies At 95


Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, the former Italian Prime minister and President who is also an economist, died on Friday after battling with his long time illness. He was 95 and the news was confirmed yesterday by the Italian senate. Ciampi was admitted to the Pio XI hospital in Rome when his illness started taking toll on him few days earlier. While he was treasury minister, he was the one who helped usher in the Euro.

Ciampi, who was the governor of the Bank of Italy for almost 14 years, also served as premier of Italy for an year between 1993-1994. It was after his term as the premier of Italy that he led the initiative “Clean Hands” a corruption sweeping probe that reshaped the political landscape of Italy, after which he went on become the president of Italy from 1999-2006. Premier Matteo Renzi paid tribute to Ciampi, recalling him as “a man of the institutions who served Italy with passion.” Even the Pope, Pope Francis sent his grieving condolences to his widow, saying he had “covered his public responsibilities with masterly discretion and a strong sense of state.”

ciampi-diesThe Financial Daily also mentioned Ciampi as the President of National cohesion. He was not much of a political man, more of a moral one, a person who never sided with any political party. Hence, he went on to become the first premier who was not elected to parliament in the year 1993. He was the one chosen to be the shepherd of Italy, a nation which before him was a victim

He was the one chosen to be the shepherd of Italy, a nation which before him was a victim to corruption. He rocked the political view of the people of Italy and was even considered above politics by some who followed him closely. He even resigned after 13 month of being the premier because he considered the country was by then on the path of its recovery.
The patriot who was born in 1920 has been watching his country slowly falling into an Abyss of corruption. In order to save his country, he found a way by making Italy a part of the Euro’s launch. Ciampi worked in the Army before getting his degree in Literature and later in Law.

carlo-ciampi-diesIn the run-up to his election as president, Corriere della Sera described his main qualities as: “Diligence, accountability, discretion. Except for chocolate, no other passions of his are known,” it said.

His only successors after him are his wife Franca, his childhood love, who was also seen several time supporting him during his campaigning. Others he left behind were his two children. We will mourn for this great man and Italy will never forget him. This is it for now, stay tuned for further updates and news.

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