Ragini Starts Arguing With Sanskar! Swaragini 20th September 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates


The episode of Swaragini starts with the plan of Dadi, Parineeta and Adarsh gets succeed. Dadi talks to them and says that I had separate them both. She then demands 40% share of the property to Adarsh and Parineeta for Ragini and Laksh.

Parineeta gets shocked and refuses to do so. She says that this will not happen. Dadi then threatens them and ask about the property’s paper. Parinneta then gets shocked to know that the papers are with Dadi and Adarsh gets to agree to give the property. He then tells Parineeta that we have to use our mind in this situation. On the other side, Ragini, Swara, and Sanskar go to the police station to see Laksh. They get shocked to see Laksh’s condition. Laksh is unconscious and was not able to talk. Ragini cries and fumes at Sanskar. She says that you tell me that inspector will do nothing to him.

swaraginiLook what they had done. Sanskar tries to defend himself but Ragini was not in a mood to hear anything. She asked him the same about Laksh again and again. the inspector comes there and Sanskar asks him that why is he beat Laksh brutally.

The inspector blames Sanskar back and says that I had done what you had told me. Ragini gets stunned at this and says that you are not able to call a brother. On the other side, Sumi is worried for her son as he is not well. Shekhar calls the doctor and the doctor asks them to admit him, else he will die.

Dadi comes there and smirks at this. She asks the doctor about the same and he tells him about the child’s situation. In the jail, the inspector shows them a video in which Sanskar is saying that he will get the money if they arrest Laksh. Ragini gets shocked and Swara tries to make her understand.

In today’s episode, we are going to see the inspector tells Ragini that he can leave Lakshmi if she brings 5 lakh rupees. Ragini gets agree and Sanskar tries to stop her. She then says that I didn’t believe you and will never be. Now it will be interesting to see that did the family gets separated or get to know about Parineeta’s plan. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Swaragini like this.

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