Ragini Worries About Lakhs! Watch Swaragini 16th September Written Episode 2016

The episode of Swaragini showing that the family is facing great problems because of Parineeta and Adarsh. Everyone gets shocked when Laksh confesses that he is walking on a wrong way to get the money. The last episode starts with Sanskar asking Laksh that from where did he get the money. Laksh lies and says that his friend had given this. Everyone then keeps on enquiring him for the money and says that they want to talk to his friend. Ragini tries to defend Laksh as he was injured.

swaraginiSanskar and Swara keep on asking him about the money. Dadi looks at them talking. Laksh then gets fall and more money falls from his pocket. Everyone gets shocked at this and ask him for it. Laksh then gets irritated and confesses that I will go on this path for getting money. He says that money is much important for me than anything. He then says that I will get my parents free by getting money from any work. Everyone was stunned at this.

After that women from the organisation come and says that Swara and Ragini had filed a wrong case. They show them a confession  letter and says that Annapurna and Durga prasad is living there by their own wish. They then informed that they blame Swara and Ragini for their sorrows. Swara and Ragini get shocked and says that may be Adarsh and Parineeta force them to do so.

Later Laksh challenges Sanskar to get the money in less time. Sanskar says that I will take my parents back at any cost and I will do the wrong for that too. He then says that he will break the relation with everyone if they try to stop him. Everyone looks on in shock at this.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Ragini complaining Sanskar for getting Laksh arrested. Sanskar consoles her and says that nothing will happen to Laksh as he does this to get him on the right way. Laksh is getting beaten by the cops brutally. Now it will be interesting to see that did Adarsh and Parineeta’s plan to break the family gets successful by this. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Swaragini like this.

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