Raina Is Trying To Reveal Aprajita’s Truth Brahmarakshas 17th September 2016 Episode


The episode of Brahamrakshas getting great success by a unique story. The audience in liking the show a lot and gets it reach to the high level of success. The serial had got many turns by its starting. Its plot of the story had to get maximum eyes towards it. The thrill and suspense in every episode make the serial popular. It gets in the success list from the second week of its start. In the going episode, the story takes a turn with the entry of Pari’s father and Apu.

brahmarakshasThe last episode starts with Rishab getting worried for Pari and says that we have to support her. Mohini refuses and says that it is not our responsibility now. Pari is sad and talks to her dad who is in the coma. She thinks that why her happiness gets stolen every time. Later on, Mitali tells them that Raina is with her father in the hospital. Aditya and Nalin think on at this as they are tensed for their secret.

Rishab and all other goes to the hospital. Raina felt cried seeing Rishab. They then hear Brahamrakshas Raina leaves taking her father. She then asks everyone to go out. Raina gets surprised when Brahamrakshas didn’t attack her seeing her father. After then Rishab and all come to house and Rishab says that I will save Raina. He then says to Mohini that we had only married to kill Brahamrakshas. Brahamrakshas come to attack Apu but family saves her.

In the clinic, Phuli comes to Raina and says that she had given a girl to this man when her parents get killed by Brahamrakhshas. Pari gets shocked at this and gets aimed that she will kill the Brahamrakshas who had killed her parents. Stay tuned with us for more updates and gossips of Brahamrakshas like this.

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