Rajinikanth Starrer Kabali Total Box Office Collection Till Today Income Details


Tamil’s one of the biggest grossing movies which has collected almost 750 crores till now and the movie is still going on amazingly and getting a great response from the audience. The movie which is featuring Rajinikanth as the lead roles and having quite a fantastic star cast as the support. The other supporting roles in the movie is being done by Radhika Apte as Kabila’s wife Kumudha, Dhanshika as Kabali’s daughter Yogi, (they both were long lost), Tony Lee(the biggest gangster) which is being portrayed by  Winston Chow, Dinesh Ravi, and Kalaiyarasan. All the roles which are being portrayed in the movie are doing their best and showing the true worth to their payment.


The movie is about a Gangster who got released from the prison after 25 years of imprisonment and gets to know that his wife, which he was thinking dead, is alive and is somewhere in an abandoned place. Then the real story and movie begin, he doesn’t only have to look for his, he also has to tackle a very large group which is waiting to finish him with his whole gang. The principal photography of the movie begins on 21 Aug 2015 in the Chennai, while the most scenes are shot in Malaysia and some scenes from Bangkok and Hong-Kong.

The movie is released in every single language and got the greatest response one can get from the audience. The very first weekend shows the largest opening weekend while releasing on 3200 screens from which 2200 was in South India.

The movie has also got some piracy issues when the movie got out without any legal permission and was available on the Darknet to be downloaded by anyone, but this effort didn’t effect the working of the movie. This shows a very great example of how Rajinikanth has made his legacy among his fans and followers. The movie collection reports are quite fascinating with peaking touching results every day of the week.

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