Rajinikanth Thanked Fans For The Great Success Of Kabali Movie On Worldwide


A movie which has been termed to be as the most expecting movie of the decade and it has shown it’s worth on the very first day of its opening. The movie Kabali which is starring the almighty Rajinikanth who is one of the god of Indian cinema and even at the age when many stops working this person is making history and is breaking all the records, the most important thing is that the records which is made by Rajinikanth can only be broken by himself. The only person with the most admirers and followers in the Indian cinema.


The Kabali movie is a thrilling and adventurous movie with lots of spine-chilling scenes and can easily make anyone excited for the movie. The newest concept movie which has the essence of originality in it, is one of the biggest reason for the movie to become one of the block-busters on the theaters. The movie first day collection is around 85 crore which can be seen impossible to many guys, and un-achieveable for many.

“My heartfelt gratitude to all those who made ‘Kabali’ successful. From the producer to director to fans and to the media, I thank each and every one of them,” Rajinikanth said.

The director and the movie makers are ready for this blasting response of audience and have taken the same results which they were expecting from them. The movie collection on the 5th day is quite amazing and can be quite shocking for many the 5th day collection is  around 200 crore. The superstar of the movie Rajinikanth has hanked all the fans and the movie makers and all the guys who are associated with movie for the grand success of the movie all around the world. The movie is still going like the first day in the theaters and is still collecting like no movie has done. The movie is expecting to collect 500 crore and is going to collect very soon and it will be a very new record being set by this superstar.

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