Rajnandini Is Emotionally Hurt ‘Splitsvilla 9’ Varun Martina Gumeet Are In Danger Now

The Episode starts with Patate Raho Session what was acttulyBajate raho session. It was a pass the parcel round. Where the person got the pungi in his/ her hand that time. He will have to answer the every question. This time, people target shreeradhe and Karan khanna for the mistake they did.

splitsvilla-9Karan and Shreeradhe answered very smartly and prove that the mistake they did will never happen again. It was very nice to see that grumeet and kavya express their love in front of every one. As someone wrote on the cue card that they Gurmeet And Kavya have a fake relationship in the villa.

To Prove this line Guru express his love for kavya and they danced together. It was a very nice moment to see both of them in love. But someone was crying while seeing both of them and she was none other than Rajnandani. She was missing archie as kavya dumped him in last dumping round.

After all, this guru and kavya said sorry to her but she said no I’m fine. Shreeradhe said kavya also dumped Karan Chhabra. Kavya replied her that you can go and continue your relation after the show.

When ranvijay ask a name who was the person whom you think got the target in this session Every One Wrote Shreeradhe’s Name and the twist come that she got the power to give a disadvantage to any princes for the next task.

Ranvijay called for the next task where they all the princes had to perform. Shree gave a disadvantage to Martina that she will start performing the task after 30sec. of everyone. The finally task starts and mia and shree performed very well.

Just because of single mistake Karan Khanna lose the task and Nik got the chance to win this task now mia and Nik are safe from the next dumping ground. It will be hard to stay safe for Varun, Martina, and Gurmeet in next dumping ground.

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