Ram Goes To Protect Lav Kush Watch Siya Ke Ram 27th September 2016 Online Written Episode


Everybody in ashrm does pooja. Ram goes and sees handprint of Sita. He realises Sita aside and smiles. Sita saying that why he came in this room. He says he was remembering her arrival in Ayodhya. Sita says after marriage I spent years in the forest and this handprint have been blurred. Ram says no in this world everything can be a blur and everything can be destroyed but till I am alive no one can take out your love. This love is letting Ram live. This love is like diya and removes darkness from his life. Ayodhya Naresh has made you out of the Ayodhya but Raghunandan cannot forget you.

siya-ramKaushalya comes to Ram. She calls his name. She says did he remember what is special today. Ram says yes today Sita entered into my life as my wife and completed me. Kaushalya says yes but Bharat Mandvi Lakshman and Urmila also have special occasion. She says they all are so sad and from when Sita went they cries a lot. Saint comes to Valmiki and they say children are missing and he wants Valmiki to see who is doing this. Luv and Kush see bird and says he is coming to us. Luv says this is so violent bird and we have to fight back. Valmiki sees from his third eye and tells he saw a big bird and he will soon make out a way to eradicate this. Sita calls Maruti.

She asks where is Luv Kush. Maruti says they will be near ashram and I will bring them. A lady comes to Sita. She asks whether today is special occasion. She says yes. Ram goes to brothers and says you remember what is today and today you all were married and we should do a celebration. Lakshman says how could we celebrate without Sita. Ram says to think about your wives. Mandvi says but Sita di. Ram says you sister’s happiness lies in your smiles. Ram says if all will become sad then she will feel bad so we will celebrate. Sita says Raghunandan you are following King’s responsibilities and same way I am following my duties. Luv and Kush confront devil.

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